Ewa Beaujon

Ewa Beaujon

Content Manager

As part of the corporate marketing and engagement team, Ewa drives content development and editorial quality to ensure Bixal's various external messages and narratives promote the brand in a positive and engaging way. She helps develop content strategies, monitors marketing and engagement progress and delivers quality products and results that support business goals.

Ewa is from Edinburgh, Scotland, and received her B.A. in information and library studies from Robert Gordon University. Before joining Bixal, Ewa spent 20 years working in journalism and publishing as a content provider, editor, researcher and fact-checker. She worked for magazines, advocacy groups, websites and organizations and has provided book research and fact-checking services for bestselling authors. Apart from her professional career, Ewa is an active supporter of Casa Chirilagua, a charity that supports her neighborhood’s Central American Latino community. She also supports the Eric Liddell Centre in her hometown, a charity providing services to those with dementia and their caregivers. Ewa enjoys music, theater, classic movies, camping, baking, travel and, most of all, spending time with her family.


  • Content Creation and Development
  • Editing
  • Management
  • Marketing Communications
  • Research


  • English
  • Basic Polish

Bucket List

To live between the U.S. and Scotland.