Johnathan Rickman

Johnathan Rickman

Senior Content and Communications Specialist

Johnathan writes and edits web content for the U.S. Small Business Administration project. He consults with the client on web best practices, works to develop a unified editorial style guide and supports content strategy efforts.

Originally from Richmond, Va., Johnathan attended American University, where he earned a B.A. in religion. Before he joined Bixal, he was a web writer and editor with an IT service management company. He was also a news reporter and newsletter editor for various industry-audience trade publications. Johnathan covered Congress and the courts on beats as diverse as oil and gas and renewable energy, as well as pharmaceutical supply chains and drug safety. Away from work, Johnathan is an electronica artist and drummer and enjoys collecting records. He was once in a band that toured the United Kingdom and recorded a session for legendary BBC radio presenter John Peel.


  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Web Content Style Guides
  • Web Content Training
  • Plain Language
  • Web Best Practices

Bucket List

Visiting Hawaii.