Shawn Siochain

Shawn Siochain

KDLT Operations Director

Shawn is currently working on providing overarching financial, contract compliance and project operations leadership for the USAID Feed the Future Knowledge, Data, Learning, and Training (KDLT) project. He works to strengthen project-wide operational tools, processes and systems to ensure alignment between technical and operational workflows.

Shawn has a B.S. in economics and a B.A. in international studies and French language from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, as well as an M.S. in public health from the University of London. Shawn started his career in capacity building at a nonprofit focused on improving women’s and girls' lives in developing countries. From there, he moved into program management on USAID-funded health projects and subsequently in C-suite operations for international nongovernmental organizations. He has 20 years of experience with process improvement, cross-functional operations, risk management, performance management, and global regulatory and public policy. Outside of work, Shawn is an outdoors enthusiast and a bicycle and motorcycle mechanic. He is both a luthier and a musician, repairing and playing instruments as varied as the traditional sitar and electric baritone mandolin.


  • Process Improvement
  • Lean Business Operations
  • Project Management
  • Finance Contracts and Compliance


  • English
  • French

Bucket List

Motorcycle and RV trip along the ancient silk road.