Photo of Anna Femath


Anna Femath
Senior Drupal Developer & Multimedia Specialist

Anna has more than seven years of experience in web development, and 15 as a multimedia professional. With a current focus on Drupal 8 application development, Anna specializes in front-end development, user experience design, and also enjoys back-end development. Formerly a combat videographer for the US Air Force, Anna was recognized in 2006 as the DoD Military Videographer of the Year for her work documenting the war in Iraq and relief efforts after Hurricane Katrina. Anna loves to give back to the multimedia community. She organizes Drupal meetups and is a program manager and web developer for the DC Video Shoot Off, a workshop that mentors military and government multimedia producers. Anna studied communication at the Newhouse School at Syracuse University, then web development at the Art Institute of Washington where she graduated summa cum laude. In her free time, Anna loves to game. She has a collection of over 100 board games and an untold number of video games.