Photo of Feld Giesy


Feld Giesy
UX Lead

With prior experience as a web-content manager and writer, and a front-end developer, Feld brings a rich perspective to his role as Bixal’s UX lead. He oversees UX/UI processes and deliverables, advocating for user-centered design throughout the web-development cycle.

Applying knowledge of psychology, design, and technology to the UX process, Feld leads teams in solving UX/UI challenges using evidence-backed techniques that optimize outcomes for stakeholders, and interactions for users. He is especially attuned to the power of content, working with clients to build a solid content strategy and backing it up with organized technical specifications, reference materials, and strategy documents. 

Feld is a forward-thinking professional who looks for ways to improve himself, build stronger teams, and ultimately produce great web experiences. Feld earned a bachelor’s degree from Mary Washington University.