Photo of Rich Allen


Rich Allen
Lead Systems Developer & Continuous Integration Engineer

Rich is a senior web developer and DevOps engineer who specializes in Drupal and PHP. Working with Drupal since 2009 when Drupal 6 was released, he has been a pioneer in using Drupal to build websites, web applications for managing schedules, and interactive online learning experiences and games. He is responsible for defining technical requirements, coding well-engineered modules, maintaining configuration, and building and maintaining continuous integration and deployment strategies for clients in the federal and private sector. Rich has experience writing OpenID clients and other typical RESTful API implementations, as well as working on asynchronous projects utilizing libraries such as ReactPHP. When he's not building a Drupal application, he can be found trying to automate another step in the build process using Jenkins or Ansible or sharing his knowledge at Drupal community events like DrupalCon, GovCon, Drupal Global Training Days, and local Meetup groups. Rich earned a bachelor’s degree in information technology from Rochester Institute of Technology.