4 Reasons You Should Use Twitter Polls

Are you looking for a free way to gather feedback from your Twitter followers? If the answer is yes, you should consider Twitter Polls! Twitter Polls offer a real-time, interactive way for individuals and companies to collect the opinions of their followers anonymously. This means that if followers vote in a Twitter poll, their personally identifiable information—including Twitter handles—is not disclosed.

To learn how to best use Twitter Polls to support Bixal social media goals, I did some preliminary research. Here are four great reasons to use the new feature to boost your business.

Twitter poll

1. To Gauge Audience Interest
Are you considering rolling out a new product or service for your business? Well, the first step is to confirm that there is a need for it! Twitter Polls allow you to ask consumer-focused questions during the development process.

An example of a helpful Twitter Poll for a software company would be:

Hey, Android users! We are considering the development of an app that can help you reach us on the go. Would you download it?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe

2. To Track Followers Interest in Trends and News
If you do digital marketing, you know how fast consumer engagement can change. Twitter Polls provide a great way to get a pulse on your followers’ interests. It also provides you with the opportunity to present yourself on the leading edge of industry trends.

For example, Google Adwords recently rolled out expanded text ads for its online advertising platform. A potential poll could be:

In case you missed it, Google Adwords recently introduced its expanded text ads. Will this impact your account?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Didn’t Know About It

3. To Promote Products and Services
Twitter Polls can help affirm your business strategy, especially in uncertain times. Maybe you want to know which new product your audience will enjoy. The great way to find out what your audience likes is to simply ask.

Let’s say you manage a fitness center and you want input on which cardio class to sunset. A potential poll could be:

Which cardio class do you enjoy and/or attend the most?

  • Zumba
  • Kickboxing
  • Insanity
  • Cycle

4. To Solicit Customer Feedback (This is Our Favorite!)
We’ve saved the best for last! Twitter Polls offer a great way to get real-time feedback on changes or updates to your business.

For example, earlier in the year, we had a huge increase of followers. To stay relevant, we created a Twitter Poll that asked followers what type of content they were most interested in. Results showed that Digital Marketing, Design, and Web/Mobile Development are equally important to our followers.

A Bixal twitter poll.

The data helped both me and others in the Twitter World when our Poll was featured on the Official Twitter for Business blog! Read about it in further detail here.

Have you created a Twitter Poll for your business? If so, let us know what you learned. If not, take advantage of a great opportunity to gain important insights. Consider incorporating some of these winning tactics to increase engagement and support your business strategy!