Bixal Launches Drupal 8 Enterprise Intranet for Defense Commissaries

On July 29th Bixal launched OneNet—a fully-responsive intranet for the Defense Commissary Agency (DecA) and, as far as we know, the first Drupal 8 Federal enterprise website that adheres to all DoD and Federal regulations.

Bixal began development of OneNet late last year, shortly after the release of Drupal 8. We considered many factors when deciding whether to go with Drupal 7 or 8, but opted for D8 because we would be immediately following up that project with a redesign of, DeCA’s public-facing website.

Drupal 8 stats for the new OneNet system

The old intranet contained thousands of documents and pages, all consisting of unstructured text content. During the migration we took the opportunity to review, categorize, and structure this content, making extensive use of Drupal's Paragraphs module and custom paragraph layouts. The client can now update content with ease, customize layouts per page, and effortlessly link to content that appears elsewhere on the site. The best part? If a resource is updated in one place, it updates everywhere.

OneNet users access hundreds of documents per day, so we knew robust site search would be essential. Thanks to an integration with Apache Solr using the Search API Solr and Facets modules, users can now search across all content types and drill down through search results using categories and other metadata.

The OneNet intranet also features customizable team pages updated with custom editorial workflows for editing, approving, and publishing. With community at the center of DeCA’s mission, Bixal wanted to provide users with a way to engage with content, not just consume it. Forums and blog content types, involving the same workflow, allow approved users to generate their own content.

Commissary employees around the world can also submit reports on events of interest to DeCA management, with custom notification workflows based on the type of incident, and sensitive or personally identifiable information (PII) redacted for some recipients.

The launch of OneNet and its multitude of useful features means DeCA employees can better focus on serving the Military and their families. Bixal is proud to be an ongoing part of the DeCA mission.