Connecting Community Health Workers

Over the last few months, Bixal and American University have been working together on the design of an innovative, bilingual, virtual community of practice for CHWs nationwide. We have partnered with Dr. Melissa Hawkins, the Director of the Public Health Scholars Program in the Department of Health Sciences at American University, on this initiative.

On November 8th, Melissa and I will be presenting the results of that collaboration at the American Public Health Association’s (AMPH) Annual Meeting, which brings together more than 12,000 health professionals and Community Health Workers (CHWs) from around the world in Atlanta Georgia.

Our presentation will focus on sharing key findings from the research and sharing an initial design of the bilingual community of practice. The research includes three focus groups that we conducted in both English and Spanish with community health workers in the Greater DC area in addition to a survey of approximately 900 CHWs in 30 states. Our goal is to gauge interest in the project and enlist interested CHWs in moving this concept forward.

I plan to share our experiences at the conference and our progress with this effort in a future blog post, so please stay tuned!