From Disney World to Decoupling - Bixal at DrupalGovCon

Drupal GovCon is just around the corner and Bixal is excited to have four of our own Drupalistas presenting on a variety of interesting topics for all levels, from a high-level comparison of Drupal with Disney World to a technical discussion on various decoupling strategies.

Drupal GovCon is a free annual event bringing together those in the Drupal community who are dedicated to supporting the valuable mission of the U.S. Federal Government and interested in leveraging their skills to better serve the Drupal community. This year, the event will be held August 22-24th at the Natcher Conference Center in Bethesda, Maryland.

If you are able to attend, please say hi to the Bixal Team and join us for one or more of the following Bixal sessions!


You Are Here: Mapping the Most Magical CMS on Earth

Presented by: Lisa McCray

In this Drupal talk, Lisa McCray draws a creative and interesting comparison between Walt Disney World and Drupal 8. This beginner level session is a great way to conceptualize and simplify the complexities of Drupal in an entertaining and engaging manner. Whether you are new to Drupal, experienced but hoping to clear up some confusion, or simply wanting to know how these seemingly unrelated topics relate then make sure you stop by Lisa’s session to learn more.

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Bringing Containers to Production: A Brief Overview of Orchestration Technologies

Presented by: Richard Allen

Richard Allen, Bixal’s lead systems developer & continuous integration engineer, will be speaking about what kind of companies and agencies should be looking into containerizing their infrastructure, asking tough questions about maturity and being able to support the technology, and then at a very high level go over the services offered by different cloud providers to help orchestration (deployments) of containers.

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Twig in the Wild: Customizing Markup with Minimal PHP Knowledge

Presented by: Jeremy Koulish

Ever felt limited in your ability to control your site’s theme layer because of limited PHP knowledge? Prior to Drupal 8 and the integration of Twig this was a common frustration. Thanks to the power of Twig, an extensive understanding of PHP is no longer necessary. In this session, Jeremy will walk you through the basic structure and usage of Twig. Specifically, knowing when a Twig override is required, how to set up a custom Twig override, how to determine the proper way to access a specific variable value from a Twig file, and the different ways to generate a custom class or attribute.

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Progressive Decoupling, Full Decoupling or Not Decoupling at all. When and how do we do each?

Presented by: Gerardo Maldonado

In this session, Gerardo will be discussing different strategies for decoupling Drupal 8 and when it makes sense to do it. Pros and Cons of each solution will be considered including challenges, technologies, build process considerations, and ideas/techniques to achieve a successful decoupled project.

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