Drupalcamp Guadalajara 2016

In early April, I had the opportunity to present at Drupalcamp Guadalajara on the topic of Drupal and government. My presentation focused on the key functions and characteristics of an ideal digital government, including:

  • Providing useful information and services online
  • Promoting citizen participation
  • Being transparent
  • Being innovative
  • Being efficient

Carla Briceno speaking at Drupalcamp in Guadalajara.

I also highlighted several key characteristics of Drupal, noting that it:

  • Is open source
  • Is low-cost
  • Has a large community
  • Is rapidly deployable
  • Is scalable
  • Is flexible, with a modular architecture
  • Is a single platform that can support multiple sites
  • Is accessible
  • Is secure; and
  • Incorporates the ability to add new functionality whenever necessary

All of these aspects make Drupal an ideal solution for governments who want to achieve these important goals. View slides from the presentation in Spanish.

Bixal is very interested in supporting the adoption of Drupal as a platform for digital government in the region.

Other highlights from the event:

  • Joe Shindelar, Lead Developer at Drupalize.me, did an excellent (and funny) presentation called Everyone Has Something to Share, inspiring conference participants to contribute to the Drupal community even if they think that they have little to offer.
  • Jen Lampton and Nate Hoag presented on Backdrop, a fork of Drupal that seeks to meet the needs of nonprofits and small- to medium-sized businesses.
  • Karim Boudjema, a dear friend and colleague, did a presentation on how to implement Drupal for enterprise newspaper websites. A Belgian, Karim has lived with his family in Bolivia for many years, and is one of the most active supporters of Drupal in Latin America. He recently architected and built a site for one of Bolivia’s leading newspapers, Los Tiempos. It was great to finally meet him in real life!
  • Rodrigo Espinoza Brenes and Jeffrey Esquivel travelled from Costa Rica to share their Drupal knowledge as well. Rodrigo did a session on configuration in code, while Jeffrey presented on DKAN, a Drupal distribution designed to support open data efforts.

Although Drupalcamp Guadalajara featured visiting presenters from the U.S., Bolivia, and Costa Rica, I was most impressed by the caliber and quality of the presentations done by various Mexican colleagues, including Manuel Rosario, Arlina Espinoza Rhoton, Jesus Manuel Olivas, Joaquin Bravo Contreras, Daniel Serna, Isaac Gasi, David Flores, Elias Delatorre, Israel Morales, and Ricardo Beltran. View a list of their presentation topics.

The technology prowess on display at the event was matched only by everyone’s warmth and kindness. I couldn’t have felt more comfortable and welcome during my visit, particularly thanks to the efforts of Joaquín Bravo Contreras, Jorge Ram, Martha Contreras, Elias De la Torre, and Gerardo Maldonado of Axai, who invested much time and effort organizing the event in collaboration with Karim.  

At the end of the conference, Jorge Ram sang the Drupal Song.

After having the opportunity to meet so many of these wonderful and talented Drupal community members, I look forward to working with them in the future to promote and support the growth of the Drupal in Mexico and Latin America!