How to go from non-Drupal to Drupal 8: The API migration route

For those looking to migrate their site to Drupal 8, Gerardo’s session at the 2017 Drupal GovCon in Bethesda, Maryland went in-depth into API migration to Drupal 8 – an efficient way to make the switch.

Gerardo speaking at Drupal GovCon 2017

Do you have to perform a migration from a legacy system to Drupal 8? You don't know how to query the legacy database or don't have the software licenses to interact with it? Oh wait, you don't even have direct access to the databases because they are behind impossible firewalls and VPNs or hidden in a bunker or outer space without anyone giving you access? Gerardo has been there too.

Two computers featuring the original and migrated content.

After a brief introduction into choosing a migration method that best fits your situation, Gerardo reviewed various API migration tools. Using Symfony’s demo blog to demonstrate, Gerardo walked attendees through exposing its blog posts as Json and then migrating them using Drupal 8’s migrate API without having to directly query the SQL database. Finally, Gerardo gave attendees an experienced take on all of the “gotchas” and processes for seamlessly implementing API migration. We hope that Gerardo’s talk helps you feel confident in using API migration for your next project.



How to go from non-Drupal to Drupal 8: The API migration route

Session recording

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