Supporting the TechWo Community of Guadalajara, México!

Bixal is excited to become a sponsor of TechWo Community, based in Guadalajara, México!

I co-founded TechWo Community (TWC) with other friends in April 2014 with the purpose of building a place where women can feel comfortable to create and share knowledge, a place where they can find the technical resources to achieve their goals. One of TWC's key objectives is reaching out to find women and men who are willing to contribute their knowledge with the goal of getting more women involved in the technology sector. 

Group photo of the TechWomen Community in Guadalajara, Mexico

TWC is managed by 10 very active members, myself included, who plan and host monthly meetups and workshops, where we address current and trending technologies such as big data, digital marketing, e-commerce, mobile, project management, product development, and more. Our events usually average 40 attendees or more. 

Now that I am working with Bixal here in Fairfax, I'm starting to spread the word about TWC and how the organization has been able to attract so many talented people in Guadalajara thanks to the strong IT community network we have there. 

Bixal is excited to support initiatives like TWC because we believe that investing in community initiatives of this nature can have an important positive impact on women's lives and also positively impact economic growth, thereby benefitting everyone. Bixal strives to support women who want to learn and advance their careers and is particularly interested in providing support to women given their lack of representation in the tech sector. 

To further the valuable work that TWC is doing, Bixal not only looks forward to sponsoring their activities this month, but is also looking for other ways to collaborate on interesting initiatives in the future. Perhaps we will even expand the community to Northern Virginia… who knows?! If you're interested in learning more about how you can be involved, don't hesitate to reach out.