Trying Out Adapt—An Open-Source eLearning Authoring Tool for Producing Responsive Content

Here at Bixal we look for ways to solve clients’ problems, most often by finding innovative ways to communicate and organize information digitally. We find the best approach is a combination of using open-source tools and then customizing them. For example, Drupal, an open-source CMS, often fills a clients’ needs for developing robust yet customizable websites.

But what about open-source and innovation when it comes to in eLearning authoring tools? Most instructional designers who support federal government initiatives know the limitations of popular authoring tools. Beyond cost, we need to know if the authoring tool supports rich and accessible interactions, if it responds well across devices, and if it’s sustainable over time with browsers updates and new technologies. If the answer is no, custom development is likely the only option.

Two phones showing an Adapt built solution.

Adapt has the potential to change that. Adapt is an open-source eLearning authoring tool for producing responsive content (i.e., single version output) that works across multiple devices. While still in its infancy, it’s still busy winning awards.

We began experimenting with Adapt late last year and recently developed an Adapt mini-module demo. We liked what we learned so much that one of our developers, Michael Memory, wanted to give back to the Adapt Community by creating some how-to videos. As a result, the Adapt community recently invited him to develop more tutorials. His second tutorial, where he covers steps for installing the Adapt Framework, went live this past week on the Adapt community YouTube channel.

Have you heard about Adapt or other open-source and innovative eLearning solutions?  What do you use to build accessible, responsive eLearning? We’d love to hear from you!