Promoting land tenure and property rights worldwide.

Bixal partnered with USAID and The Cloudburst Group to reconceive the USAID Land Tenure site www.land-links.org. The site is a resource to a diverse audience about USAID’s international efforts to clarify and strengthen land tenure and property rights of all stakeholders: individuals, groups, and legal entities, including marginalized members of society.
An Engaging Experience

The previous site was neither intuitive nor engaging for the breadth of global users working in land tenure. Bixal worked with USAID stakeholders performing in-depth user studies and interactive engagements to help shape a simpler knowledge management tool and a more successful user experience.

Client:USAID LandLinks
Project:Website architecture and site redesign
Modern Design

The Bixal team successfully launched a fully responsive and scannable site that integrates the latest in contemporary design and user experience-guided strategies.

Stakeholder Engagement

An iterative understanding and confirmation of stakeholder usability from around the globe was critical to designing a solution in which the majority of people could access and understand information in a quick and substantive way.

Knowledge Management

The Bixal team simplified the navigation structure of the website and beefed up the functionality so that users would be able to understand complex content via visual mapping and curated content