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Transforming Public Sector Customer Experience with Collaborative Cross-Functional Teams

March 16, 2024


Exceptional customer experience (CX) has become a critical differentiator in today’s competitive business landscape, extending beyond the private sector to the public sector. Guided by the President’s Management Agenda (PMA) and directives from the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), federal government agencies are recognizing the profound impact of CX on citizens, leading them to prioritize its development. Bixal’s white paper, Transforming Customer Experience in Government: A Roadmap for Success, explores the challenges faced by CX teams and provides a roadmap for transforming CX by fostering deep connections and collaboration among cross-functional teams.


A Day in the Life of a Not-So-Functional CX Team

The white paper sheds light on the challenges faced by CX teams. Despite the guidance and mandates from the PMA and OMB, many teams working within federal agencies still struggle with vague goals and limited research time that leads to surface-level findings. These obstacles hinder the ability to deliver exceptional CX and highlight the need for a more effective approach.


Taking a Deeper Dive

To achieve meaningful, sustainable adoption of the federal mandates, CX teams must go beyond superficial solutions and dive into the complex organizational systems that impact citizen interactions with government agencies. They must look beyond the outward-facing touchpoints and consider the underlying processes, people, technology, data, and content at play. By understanding the interconnectedness of these elements, teams can uncover holistic insights that drive improvements in the overall citizen experience.


Fostering Collaborative Environments

Creating an environment conducive to collaboration is vital. Cross-functional teams can greatly benefit from the establishment of communities of practice, where individuals with specific areas of expertise can lead in building a community dedicated to knowledge-sharing and learning. By fostering a collaborative mindset and encouraging diverse perspectives, these teams can unlock greater value and drive meaningful outcomes. Training, facilitation, and a shared purpose and understanding are essential in establishing trust and psychological safety, enabling effective collaboration.



Transforming customer experience in the public sector requires a departure from siloed thinking and the adoption of collaborative cross-functional teams. Government agencies, spurred by guidance from the PMA, OMB, and various executive orders, are investing in CX capabilities to meet the evolving expectations of citizens. The white paper provides insights and guidance to help federal agencies redefine their CX strategy, foster collaboration, and build teams that can navigate the complexities of delivering exceptional citizen experiences. By embracing collaborative environments and empowering individuals, agencies can create a customer-centric organizational mindset that drives citizen satisfaction and enhances government effectiveness.


Download the full Transforming Customer Experience in Government: A Roadmap for Success white paper by Bixal’s CX Strategist Nita Sporseen and explore the transformative power of collaborative cross-functional teams.


Note: This blog post uses information from Bixal’s Transforming Customer Experience in Government: A Roadmap for Success white paper. For more detailed insights, we recommend reading the entire white paper.